Thursday, 27 December 2012

Rise of a Digital Nation Project!

Hi guys!

So I've updated this blog, because I've added some details and it needed a change.

So we've had a few clips so far, some good, some pretty poor quality. We still need your help though! We don't have enough to fill the video. Rob and I know that this world is full of Machinae Supremacy fans..they just haven't taken part yet.

So.. Are you embarrassed? Have a crap camera? No one to help you? Tough shit. We don't care what you look like, borrow a camera, do it yourself! Simple! We want your help!

We need more sid! We need more clips! And we know you are all capable of doing it! ~ that is where you can find all the information, all the details and anything else you may need to know.. So you have no excuses!

There is no deadline! But we need them pretty soon! So get going! :D

P.s below is a few stills from some of the clips we've received. Get some inspiration and get filming guys!

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